Hi Everybody,

Apologise, from right at the outset, as this is a blatant promo!
Surprised? Well – I have decided to include it here because the tool helped build my on line business and it can help you too!!!
Here’s the link. Please CLICK HERE
In fact in just one promo I secured 2200 members & affiliates and made over $15,000.

What does it mean?
Well, when I feel the need to reach out to my members, I can also connect with my affiliates to generate additional revenues – sometimes I hit the thousand $ mark on a promo (sometimes even more). It helps pay the bills.

The message I guess is simple, BUILD YOUR AFFILIATE LIST.
This really is a game changer.

I learnt from the best in the market – Omar Martin and Dave Nicholson showed me how to maximise affiliate marketing and gave me the tools too

It’s worth checking out here:

Thanks for subscribing and I wish you well


To my amazement I received a message from my Internet Service Provider that my site had been hacked. Why someone had taken the time to target my site, I’ll never know, but I learnt what to do and wish to share some of my experiences with you,

If the video helps you prevent your sites being hacked, then brilliant, it’s done the job.

If you are like me and send a lot of money overseas, but get frustrated by the exorbitant bank fees and poor exchange rates then check out this new service. I can save around £100 / month and it’s all on-line

Check out: Transferwise

Thank you TransferWise (from the makers of Skype)


Creating Videos and broadening your BRAND

You may have noticed that I have been using Videos to help deliver a “message” and linking them into my Youtube Channel. To make the videos more interesting I have used White Board videos and combined animation into live videos.

You may wonder how it’s done? Quite simply using Sparkol

This product is simple and can have a real impact in promoting your online business.

Here’s a demo of the software to prove how easy it can be.

Hi Guys,
If you are not doing so already then this is a MUST DO ACTION, create a Youtube Channel to help promote your business. My alto-ego son has taught me a shed-load – check it out for yourself.

I hope it stimulates ideas

Hi Guys,
This video is dedicated to all you cynics of ebay – yes ebay can be better than amazon – if you think SMART!

Hope this makes sense

Hi guys,
Now I know Cassini ebay search has been with us for a while, but nevertheless thought to create a visual view of how you can raise your ebay listings just by applying a few of the suggested techniques.
Hope it helps – Gareth.

Short video of my journey of Internet Marketing

Hi Guys,
The Internet is a BLACK BOX with a little red light on it. (Well, that’s what the IT Crowd tells me.)

This is short video highlighting what I consider essential to make the Black Box work for you, if you’re interested in Internet Marketing.
I hope you enjoy,
Thanks again

Check out what I mean from the video:

Now, it is always good to experiment with new products, may be try even new markets?
My partner, Yvonne is helping me expand my on-line shops by selling sexy lingerie – it’s interesting. I reckon there’s a market!!

The Positives:
Research tells me that “lingerie” sells and the products are light.
…..And I have a partner with a discerning eye – ok – so why not try?

So here’s a sample listing:

* I always test new products with my less important ebay accounts – not to compromise my main shops – if the products don’t work then there’s no harm done to my main business.
* Plus I create my own galleries (with HTML) to make the listing stand out.

If any of you guys wish to know how I create these listings please let me know. I am in the process of creating training videos on how to make your ebay listing really stand out.

Thanks again


Beautiful slinky CLUBWEAR short spandex dress – super sexy
Sexy Siren Red Holiday Dress
Click small picture to enlarge

Click small picture to enlarge.

The timing of the release of BlogBuddy is perfect as it gives you an ideal tool to get your web-site noticed.Simple, easy and let’s you exploit SEO without being technical.

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Take advantage of keywords, backlinks, meta-data etc…… and see for yourself how BlogBuddy can race your site up the search rankings.

Higher up the  rankings, means more traffic and ultimately more money/sales, of course.
The timing is so good, because it complements the 3rd instalment of the Money Generator Series. Soon to be launched Stealth Money Generator.
Thank you again for subscribing
Take care


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