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One month in

After one month of mentoring, what should one expect?
What would you expect?

What does ‘good’ look like?John Thornhill's mentoring program

Well, for me the investment so far has been a resounding success.
The knowledge my mentor has imparted, along with members of the ‘forum’ has been brilliant.

I haven’t made my return as yet in cash, however, the stuff I have learnt gives me an added level confidence and appreciation of what needs to be done to make a healthy living from the Web. There is an air of optimism about my work. It’s exciting!!! It complements my online retail business and creates choices for my revenue streams.

The quality of the material delivered to me in ‘Step-by-Step’ fashion has been superb. Really it has.

Before embarking on the program, my knowledge was reasonable, but even after only 4 weeks, it is easy to see how much there is to learn. 

I have moved up another level. I can’t wait until next week. (It’s like waiting for the next episode of 24‘ – (it’s a great show)). This is a great mentoring!!!

It is often said that building a list and having a relationship with your members is the key to success. There’s no need to challenge this statement. It is perfectly true. The mystery is how to build the list and maintain successful relationships. That’s the ‘pot of gold’.


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