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Postage can be a PAIN

Postage can be a PAIN and can seriously eat into your margin, effect your feedback and generally upset your customers if it is done WRONG.
So if there are any ways to improve this process it is worth checking out.
Hence to pointer here:

Here ebay are trying to help us out here with various options on easing up the Postal drag.
Worth a read!
Hope it helps – Gareth.

22nd May 2014: it’s not been a good day for ebay.

Shares down, mainly due to the recent news of their security breach.

Advice: Change your ebay passwords now.

Remember: ebay is still a fantastic site to build your online business, so don’t let anyone compromise that fact for you.

Check out the news article here:


Getting rid of old stuff

Ever wondered how to sell some of your old stuff – without having to slash your prices?

Well ebay is a great place to start, but there is a BUT!

You’re old stuff may still not sell. What can you do?

1) Slash your prices:

Pros: You get rid of your old stuff (possibly);

Cons: You lose margin and may even sell at a loss.

2) Add new stuff with cross-linking:

It’s this approach that you should consider.

ebay LOVES having new items posted in your shop. It pays attention to your activity.

What this means is that your new items will feature more prominently in searches (buy-it-nows).

So why not add the cross-linking to some of your older stock in the new listings?

Here’s an example:

New listing here – notice that two of the jerseys in the cross-linking box are now sold (at last).

This is a simple way to help sell older items without reducing your prices. Try it!



Why is ebay great?

1st thing:

ebay is great for selling stuff, but even better for marketing your online business in general. 

Why is this so?

The answer is simple.

Firstly, YOU’RE able to retain the email address of every customer that you sell to; and
Second, build that all important LIST through PayPal and Aweber.

This is one of the main reasons why I love ebay. Amazon is cool and even having your own web-site, but as yet I have not managed to attract 55 – 60 million visitors to my own site like ebay.

When you get your head around this fact, hopefully lights will illuminate.

It’s not just about the making the SALE!

I bang on about this very important point in both the

Here’s what to do with ebay.

In preparation for the launch of the
LIST Money Generator and Stealth Money Generator,
I am running an exercise to prove that
VIDEO MARKETING can have a dramatic impact to YOUR business.
The results will be recorded in both the next Money Generator series’ programs.
So here’s one of the exercises explained:

1) I have an ebay shop;

2) There are around 300 items in the shop at any one time;

3) The average number of views I receive for each individual item is around 120 – some attract 1000’s due to cross-linking; but let’s take the average of 120.

4) I want people to view my Youtube Channel and find out more about the
Money Generator series so I can raise the
BRAND awareness.

Simple Action:
I place a video in each of my listings:
Wow: now think of the numbers!

300 listings * 120 views = potentially 36000 views for one video.
NB: This exercise will run for a couple of months.

Now if you click on the image below you can see how an ebay listing can be so much more interesting — just by adding a video.

 Check out the video below:




Some changes with ebay: need to be noted


ebay wish to introduce some changes (again). That’s fine. The drive is to improve the buying & selling experience for all. What’s important is that YOU are aware of the pending changes.

The effect is almost immediate:

Here are the HEADLINE statements:

Do read them and update your ebay listings.


There are many ways YOU can create interest in your listings, but what better way is there than sourcing support from others.
This idea grows stronger with me every day, so I want to socialise the idea with YOU.Working together: "The Whole is far greater than the SUM of the PARTS"

The idea seems to have traction especially as the members of the Auction Money Generator progress with the course.
So much emphasis has been placed on cross-linking for promoting products from one account to another.
I do this regularly with eBook (10-days) auctions, costing me nothing and promoting my main items in my ebay shop.

So, why not stretch this idea further by promoting fellow AMG members listings (in a reciprocal fashion – win/win)?

Now, I have produced some code which makes it easy to add products of other members’ ebay listings (e.g. the box shown below) – I will making the code available in the LIST Money Generator (when refined a bit more). It can easily be amended and then dropped into an ebay listing/auction.

If you think this idea has traction then let me know. I am happy to explore this option.

Listings from other MEMBERS of Auction Money
Yellow Long-Sleeve
Compression Jersey
Sleeveless Jersey
Uvex Retro Jersey
Visit my eBay Shop:Go to member's eBay Shop etailbar


ebay changing the rules

ebay_pw_trOk: just be aware that ebay is introducing some new rules (i.e. fee changes) for business sellers.
Some good news and bad (sounds like a budget).

Sellers News update

It is worth acquainted yourself to these new introductions and determining how best to manage the changes.

For me, I am comfortable with the increase in monthly fees as I will make a saving on the 30 day listings, but I will need to consider the requirements for being a Top Rated seller with regards to offering free postage.

The message is simple: if you are aware of the changes you can at least prepare for them.



Is it nice to be NICHE?

Which way to turn?

You may be an old dog with plenty of tricks up your sleeve, but if you’re running an online BUSINESS there is always the challenge of replenishing your stock. How do you decide what to buy?
How do you FIND the right stuff to sell?searching dog with magnifying glass

Maximise your investment.
The decision to invest in stock can be based on:

  • Pragmatism &
  • Emotion.

I sell cycle wear, mainly because I love cycling, so there’s been a lot of ‘emotion’ in my decision. I also know that CYCLING is super popular so it’s a NICHE that I am comfortable in, so ‘pragmatic’ for me to build my business in this space.

….and finding a suitable niche can have so many advantages. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m a big supporter of niche selling..


  • Less competition;
  • Greater margin;
  • Increase loyalty base, creating more return customers.

Now, as part of the Auction Money Generator program, there is an aim to source suitable material to help the members buy the right stuff, maximising profit. The focus will be on niche selling.

Prints for profit

One niche that has surprised me is the VINTAGE prints market. I did some research and found a manual that shows how the experts make serious, serious margins on selling pages (or ‘plates’ as this industry likes to call them) from old books.
You can have access to the FREE report from a LEADING expert, showing you how he does it.

Just click on the BOOK on the right.

Finding a niche market on ebay – can it still be done?

Finding the right stock – that SELLS

One of the main challenges for any retailer is to source the right stock, THAT SELLS, whether off or on the web.
This basic requirement has been with us since man first step foot on this planet.

SUPPLY and DEMAND rules!

So HOW do we find out what SELLS and what does NOT? Making wrong decisions on your purchases can be a financial disaster.


The first piece of advice that can be offered is to source products that “FEED” a particular niche. As some marketers would say;
“Go DEEP rather than BROAD”.

In other words, become known for supplying great quality products meeting the needs of a specialised HUNGRY market, rather than trying to sell anything to anyone.


The immediate benefits for you are:

  • Less competition;
  • Greater margin;
  • Increase in loyalty base, creating more return customers.

It was for this reason I wanted to review the work of some of the leading POWERSELLERS and find out what they had to say about this topical subject.

I turned to Skip McGrath, a well known ebay/Internet Marketer on both sides of the Atlantic.


First, a little about Skip McGrath

Skip and his wife Karen ventured into ebay way back in 1997 having moved west from New York. In a year they had grown their ebay business averaging $10,000 per month. An amazing achievement. As Skip was about to invest in another eBook on ebay, Karen pointed out that between them they knew more about ebay than most of the existing “How to Guides” available at the time and suggested that Skip create his own.

Skip took his wife’s advice and wrote “the ebay Powersellers manual”. That was back in 1998/9.

Fast forward: today, Skip is a leading authority on ebay, with over 35,000 subscribers signing-up to one of the most comprehensive information sites on ebay. His web-site is now regarded as one of the most informative sites on ebay, available today.

The particular piece of work I was interested in was Skip’s book on:

 “Ten little known highly profitable niche businesses hiding in ebay UK”

The book is concise but informative and offers sound advice on each of the 10 niches. Even as an experience ‘ebayer’,  I learnt a great deal from this book, especially in areas on how to approach a new niche market. So many ideas, suggestions and written in a frank and simple English format.

The book also introduces the reader to numerous tools that can help crystalise your decision, before spending money on your next stock.

I will be applying many of the suggestions raised before I buy my next stock.

In summary: An excellent source of information for a small investment that is very relevant to the UK market.

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