Creating a new menu tab

I was asked today how I create a new menu tab within my Blog, so the viewer can see my targeted site without losing the Blog page too.
So I decided to do the following:

  1. Create a short training video;
  2. Make the link available on the facebook page where the question was originally raised;
  3. Create a post on my own blog with a link to the video;
  4. Post the video to Amazon S3 and my Youtube Channel.

So first here’s the video, but make sure you check underneath to understand why I took the above steps. Read the rest of this entry

Why is ebay great?

1st thing:

ebay is great for selling stuff, but even better for marketing your online business in general. 

Why is this so?

The answer is simple.

Firstly, YOU’RE able to retain the email address of every customer that you sell to; and
Second, build that all important LIST through PayPal and Aweber.

This is one of the main reasons why I love ebay. Amazon is cool and even having your own web-site, but as yet I have not managed to attract 55 – 60 million visitors to my own site like ebay.

When you get your head around this fact, hopefully lights will illuminate.

It’s not just about the making the SALE!

I bang on about this very important point in both the

List Money Generator

It’s nearly here: the LIST Money Generator

I am really excited about this course program. There’s more content, more videos and a much deeper insight in;

  • Firstly, making more online sales; and
  • Secondly, building that LOYAL and potentially LUCRATIVE Subscriber List.

This is a BIG piece of work, so please be prepared, but if you progress through this course YOU will be well on your way to building a successful online business. Champagne all round!!!

Create a search box of your ebay listings within your BLOG.

dot_2_dot_ebayStart joining the dots together within your online business. Here’s a great example of one such juncture.

By using a neat little ‘plug-in’ that takes minutes to install and set-up to increase the exposure of your ebay listings.

Check out the video to see how I apply the module.

Scam emails

Scam emails can be devastating to your business. From what seems to be an innocuous looking mail sent from a seemingly legitimate source can potentially wipe out your entire business.

Quite a statement to make, but sure it’s worth being cautious to avoid any risk.

I often receive dubious emails and apply just a few simple tasks to check them out. It’s definitely worth the investment in time. A perfect example is shown in the short video below:

Click here to see the training video:

Youtube & Google accounts

So easy to do and an essential component to building your online strategy.
Youtube & Google love “links” and blogs, so why not create links to your Youtube accounts and videos just like I have done here.
So easy and effective.

click here: Youtube Channel
click here: Google + account


Here’s what to do with ebay.

In preparation for the launch of the
LIST Money Generator and Stealth Money Generator,
I am running an exercise to prove that
VIDEO MARKETING can have a dramatic impact to YOUR business.
The results will be recorded in both the next Money Generator series’ programs.
So here’s one of the exercises explained:

1) I have an ebay shop;

2) There are around 300 items in the shop at any one time;

3) The average number of views I receive for each individual item is around 120 – some attract 1000’s due to cross-linking; but let’s take the average of 120.

4) I want people to view my Youtube Channel and find out more about the
Money Generator series so I can raise the
BRAND awareness.

Simple Action:
I place a video in each of my listings:
Wow: now think of the numbers!

300 listings * 120 views = potentially 36000 views for one video.
NB: This exercise will run for a couple of months.

Now if you click on the image below you can see how an ebay listing can be so much more interesting — just by adding a video.

 Check out the video below:




Measuring your success

Whether you are launching a new product, trying something new or just wishing to evaluate the impact of your blogs, measuring your traffic can help assess where to expend your efforts.


Google Anlytics is a superb tool to guide you and it’s FREE. You can see how I use Google Analytics for my sites by clicking on the image to the left. BUT – Google has introduced some fantastic new tools and the one that is interesting in particular is

“Measuring the Customer Journey to an online PURCHASE”

Google use a simple, but effective diagram to explain the behaviour of YOUR potential BUYER.
They use an acronym, A.C.I.D. –

(A) – Awareness;

(C) – Consideration;

(I) –  Intent; and

(D) – Decision.

Google’s research suggests that depending on the approach made by your online campaign (e.g. “display click”, “social media”, “email” etc.) determines how close your potential customers are to making the “buying decision”In other words, (referring to the diagram below) if the “approach” has a score of less than ‘1’ then it is considered that it features in the “Last Interaction” section – (i.e. Intent to buy).

So, what does this mean for YOU?
Well, by adding this tool into your analytics you will be able to measure how effective your campaigns are; whether you choose to use email; social media, direct, paid etc….

To learn more about this new tool, click on the diagram below.

Thanks again



Video marketing can dramatically change YOUR online Business

This statement is TRUE, TRUE, TRUE!

The challenge is how to make it so. Well, fortunately, we all have access to the 3rd largest web-site on the planet and for FREE – being Youtube.

What a platform Youtube is. In short, it’s a fantastic tool that can elevate your ONLINE business to another level.

I would like to prove it to you!


For example:

To help promote the launch of the
LIST Money Generator, I have created a Youtube account and added the Introductory Videos for each Chapter.

By clicking here you can get an insight to this course before making the investment.

Now, one of the reasons for creating this post is to ask you to view the videos and place your feedback.
The results will be recorded in the Stealth Money Generator, being the third course in the Money Generator series, designed to show you how to make additional revenues for your online business.

As expressed in the LIST Money Generator program, Video Marketing is yet another essential “jigsaw” piece to add to your repertoire.

Thanks again for your support,

Kind regards


NB: If you want to know how I created the Youtube account and added the links and menus to the videos, please let me know.


Rare Tour de France photos

I have had the good fortune to come across some fantastic rare journals on the Tour de France.

What a find and I’m so grateful to Jess – who has kindly allowed me to display such rare material on my web-sites.

My cycle customers will appreciate these photo’s of course:
Just look at the road surface, especially in the mountains – incredible!


Henri Cornet
youngest Tour winner being
just under 20 in 1904


Louis Trousselier

winner of the Tour in



René Pottier

1906 Winner


Louis Petit Breto

1st two time winner



François Faber

Winner of the 1909 Tour

1st Foreigner to win (Luxembourg)


Octave Lapize

Winner of the 1910 Tour


Gustave Garrigou 

1911 Winner


Odiel Defraye

1912 Winner &

1st Belgian


Philippe Thys

3 times winner

1913,14 & 20



Léon Scieur

Winner 1921



Firmin Lambot

Two times winner

1919, 21 Belgian


Henri Pélissier

1923 Winner


Ottavio Bottechia

1st Italian Winner 



Lucien Buysse

Winner 1926



Nicolas Frantz

Winner 1927,28



Maurice De Waele

Winner 1929



André Leducq

Winner 1930,32


Antonin Magne

Winner 1931,34




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