Dad’s MISSION Book: part 2

Another excerpt from DAD’s MISSION Book.

I guess, it should be no surprise how close  these notes are to what should be done to build a successful online business.

They were taken during the webinars provided through the PTS program.
….one of the objectives was to create a PRODUCT.
There were no illusions made: If a unique product was to be created, it would require some effort and considerable research.

I was prepared to do both and so thankful that I persevered.
Over & above my online businesses, these products help build that loyal subscribers’ list as well as generate alternative revenue streams – It’s a “win/win”.

Like so many people, I had doubts as to whether I could impart my knowledge in a format that would appeal to a “hungry market”.
I was busy building my online business, taking full advantage of ebay and building a customer base through my own online shop.

No time for distraction, by writing an eProduct – surely???

John Thornhill, thought otherwise, he convinced me to capture what I do within my online business experience rather than write about “cycling” or even moving to France.
I took his advice and so pleased that I did. The response has been tremendous.
So, reflecting on these notes now, makes so much sense after having delivered against each of the tasks.
The journey has only started too – as there are intentions is to create more online products. It can be addictive!!!
If you can see the comments within the pages, do they resonate with YOU in anyway?






Some changes with ebay: need to be noted


ebay wish to introduce some changes (again). That’s fine. The drive is to improve the buying & selling experience for all. What’s important is that YOU are aware of the pending changes.

The effect is almost immediate:

Here are the HEADLINE statements:

Do read them and update your ebay listings.

Cubes - 290 - TRUSTThat’s quite a statement to make, but test it for yourself.

This formula also applies to private relationships too.

See what you think:

Check out what I mean from the video:


There are many ways YOU can create interest in your listings, but what better way is there than sourcing support from others.
This idea grows stronger with me every day, so I want to socialise the idea with YOU.Working together: "The Whole is far greater than the SUM of the PARTS"

The idea seems to have traction especially as the members of the Auction Money Generator progress with the course.
So much emphasis has been placed on cross-linking for promoting products from one account to another.
I do this regularly with eBook (10-days) auctions, costing me nothing and promoting my main items in my ebay shop.

So, why not stretch this idea further by promoting fellow AMG members listings (in a reciprocal fashion – win/win)?

Now, I have produced some code which makes it easy to add products of other members’ ebay listings (e.g. the box shown below) – I will making the code available in the LIST Money Generator (when refined a bit more). It can easily be amended and then dropped into an ebay listing/auction.

If you think this idea has traction then let me know. I am happy to explore this option.

Listings from other MEMBERS of Auction Money
Yellow Long-Sleeve
Compression Jersey
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Uvex Retro Jersey
Visit my eBay Shop:Go to member's eBay Shop etailbar


ebay changing the rules

ebay_pw_trOk: just be aware that ebay is introducing some new rules (i.e. fee changes) for business sellers.
Some good news and bad (sounds like a budget).

Sellers News update

It is worth acquainted yourself to these new introductions and determining how best to manage the changes.

For me, I am comfortable with the increase in monthly fees as I will make a saving on the 30 day listings, but I will need to consider the requirements for being a Top Rated seller with regards to offering free postage.

The message is simple: if you are aware of the changes you can at least prepare for them.



Hard & Smart work can pay-off

Trying to build your profile/brand or  market awareness can sometimes seem futile.
You put all this effort in to make YOUR BUSINESS STAND-OUT and what d’you get from your customers.

Nothing! No-response – just silence. Positive-icon

Now, silence is fine, but when you do get POSITIVE feedback it’s great. I still get a kick from receiving positive feedback, especially when the customer appreciates the extra effort I put into each sale.
For example: Recently, I received feedback from one of my Amazon customers: Click on the image below to see what I mean.

In Summary: They acknowledged the quality of my product, the personal note and added CD, which now acts as further advertisement for my online business. Win / win.Amazon_feedback2

Clickbank “gravity”, complicated: Yes/No?

YES – without doubt.

Trying to source a great product to sell can be a challenge. I have often heard that using Clickbank’s gravity factor is an ideal guide to assess the viability of a 3rd party’s product to sell.

Ok – so what does it mean? Gravity” – that is.clickbank_gravity





How does ClickBank calculate gravity?

It seems (assumption only – but should be a useful guide) that:

  • ClickBank recalculates the Gravity factor every day;
  • The seller’s gravity is a sum of “scores” of distinct affiliates who have sold the seller’s products in the last 12 weeks;
  • The affiliate’s score is calculated like this, based on a sliding scale;
    • 1: if he/she sold at least one copy of the vendor’s product in the last 24 hours;
    • 0.96: if the product was sold the day before yesterday by the affiliate;
    • 0.92: if the product was sold 3 days ago;
    • 0.88: if sold 4 days ago;
    • ….. and so on …

For example:
Two affiliates have been promoting a product of the same seller

  • Affiliate (1)  sold 3 copies of the product yesterday and 7 copies of the product the day before yesterday.This adds  “1″ to the seller’s gravity (for the 3 copies sold) and 0.92 for the the seven the day before yesterday.
  • Affiliate (2) sold only one copy of the product the day before yesterday. He adds “0,96″.

So, the new value of the vendor’s gravity is 1 + 0.92 + 0.96 = 2.88

Ok – so here’s a guide on what is good and bad “gravity”,
putting the confusing calculation aside.

It is not recommended to promote products with a gravity less than “5″. It suggests that there have only been a few affiliates who have sold this product. More affiliates selling the same product does increase the gravity, of course.
Two possibilities:

  1. The sales page is poor; and/or
  2. Few affiliates have tried to sell the product.

Noticing a gravity of between “5-20″, then check the activation date. If it is a new product, then think about promoting it. It must be “hot”. You can check out a video here on how to find suitable products to sell.

A “gravity” factor of around “20″ suggests that the sales page is excellent – worth a close look.
Products with gravity between 20 and 100 are the most appropriate to be promoted. Be sure these products are successfully sold and plenty of them provide value to customers (a low refund rate).

You can ;learn more about Clickbank analysis (especially on gravity and PPC) from here:


Creating that successful online business: Really?

Flexible gymnast with laptop and appleYes it can be done.

Having an online business as your main source of income can be done, although SMART WORK  is involved. Now, if you are a student of the Auction Money Generator program, then you’ll appreciate the benefit of:

  • Using ebay as one of your best “marketing engines” for your online business in general; and
  • Applying the tools and techniques that you learn in parallel.

One key tool to employ is to create your own personal blog. Like this one.
It can do wonders to your business profile, as well as help you create those elusive “silent revenues”.

It’s a Must do ACTION.

To help you with your personal site I have produced an introductory video, introducing the WordPress theme that I use.
Why do I use this theme? I guess the clue is in the name (Flexibility3) and the bonus is that it is FREE.

How important is it to have Internet Access?

Internet Access

One thing for sure is that I could not operate my business without this amazing technology, called the web. Having just


spent 2 weeks without access, due to French half-term and being somewhere without connectivity.

Interestingly, being absent of the TV made little different to my lifestyle, but HAVING NO INTERNET.

Crikey!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I nearly went bonkers.

I am now back, the kids have had a great time and I’m now recovering.

Thank God for the internet.

Now here’s a question for YOU, considering my last fortnight.

What technology has had the greatest impact on the World’s economy:

1) The Internet; or

2) The Mobile Phone

You decide!

Why create your own product?

The answer is simple.

….Because you can generate significant “silent revenues”.
I refer to silent revenues as money coming into your business on “auto-pilot”. In other words, all the hard work has been done previously and now it’s time to collect the return on your efforts, without a single trip to the Post Office.

symbol of success finance

To stimulate your interest, click here. The video succinctly highlights the difference that can be gleaned when promoting your own product verses selling 3rd party products. Now I do both, but I gain tremendous satisfaction when I receive such positive feedback on my own products, as well as generating additional revenues.

Creating your own product:

Check out my one of my Members’ Sites to see how I create my products using MindMAPs. You will be able to view a tutorial on product creation using MindMAP techniques from this site.

Just click here.

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