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Like anything you do, YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT IN. Rewards only come after the necessary ingredients are added to your plan.

Knowing which ingredients to use and when is the key to success. This principle doesn’t just apply to making money online, of course.

We all know that effort is needed to be successful. As the diagram above depicts, I cycle. I need to train to keep up my fitness levels. As Steven Covey would say in one of his 7- effective habits, “Sharpen the Saw”. The analogy is basically saying that one always need to learn to improve.

So, once you recognise that there is a ‘hill to climb’ which does need some effort to reach the top, the rewards of Internet Marketing are very real and can be life-changing. As you climb, along the way more choices are presented to you which inevitably gives you more freedom for you to make decisions. This is a great place for you and your family to be.

By following in the footsteps of success, I have more choices to determine where to be for me and my family. The mentoring program is being able to follow the trail of success, with a clear compass. The objectives are real and achievable.


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